Race Waiver

King of Greystones 2021 Triathlon Terms & Conditions



KOG2021 (King of Greystones 2021) Event is at the Participant’s own risk.

  • In consideration of the acceptance of this entry, I agree that I enter the race at my own risk and that (to the fullest extent permitted by the law) no person(s) or organisation(s) will be held responsible for any expense, accident, injury or loss to me, prior to, during or after the event
  • The King of Greystones/The Gavin Glynn Foundation shall not be liable for any loss, damage or expense arising from an event of Force Majeure.
  • The King of Greystones/The Gavin Glynn Foundation, An Garda Siochana, Greystones County Council, event sponsors, event volunteers, event officials shall not be liable to the participant for any loss or damage of or to personal equipment belonging to the participant, or any indirect or consequential loss or damage whatsoever arising out of the participant taking part in the activity; or for any loss of business; revenue or profit; loss of reputation; anticipated savings or wasted expenditure.
  • The King of Greystones/The Gavin Glynn Foundation will not be liable for any actions of any spectators or other third parties.
  • The Participant irrevocably agrees to hold harmless, indemnify and reimburse the organisers from and for any sum, costs or expenses (including legal and professional fees) incurred, payable or paid by the organisers to any person (including the Participant and/or any of the Participant’s insurers) in connection with any accident, loss, damage or injury (including death) arising out of the participant’s participation in the event or any part thereof.
  • Outdoor challenge participation on public roads/areas will be undertaken entirely at the risk of the participant, organisers and sponsors cannot be held responsible for any injury or damage caused to participants and/or third parties.
  • I have sole responsibility for my personal possessions and athletic equipment during the King of Greystones 2021 Triathlon, and its related activities.
  • I accept that King of Greystones 2021 Triathlon reserve the right to alter the arrangements and conditions of entry should circumstances require.
  • I hereby grant full permission to King of Greystones 2021 Triathlon to use and reproduce any images or recordings whatsoever, fixed or moving, taken of me at this event for any legitimate purpose, including but not limited to, the advertising, promotion or exploitation of the event (and future events) through the medium of television, film, video or other media broadcasts. This permission is considered unlimited and may be used the world throughout. I confirm that all intellectual property in connection any such images or recordings shall remain the property of King of Greystones 2021 Triathlon and where such intellectual property does not automatically vest in King of Greystones 2021 Triathlon, these Terms and Conditions shall constitute a legally binding assignment thereof, and I consent to the signing of all reasonable documentation required to give effect thereto.
  • -Participating in this event is physically demanding and potentially hazardous, and I am aware that I should not enter and participate unless I am physically and medically able and properly trained. I confirm that I have no physical or medical disabilities or impairments which would endanger myself or others taking part. 
  • Hard shell helmets must be worn during the cycle leg. It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure that bicycles are in safe working order 
  • Participants must be 16 years of age on race day.
  • This is intended to be participatory, fun and keep the community active and engaged.
  • Athletes must obey the rules of the road just like at any other sanctioned event
  • Use common sense when deciding when and where to participate
  • Wear reflective gear if competing at dusk or dawn
  • Don’t bike in high traffic areas
  • Do not swim on your own.

By purchasing this entry, you understand and accept the implications of this disclaimer.


I have completed a continuous outdoor swim of at least two-thirds of the length of the competition swim within 30 days of the event.

I am aware of open water swim safety guidelines and will not swim alone.