Swim Route

This year we have changed the sprint distance swim – 750m. Sprint distance swimmers will go out and follow a diamond shape route.

The try a triathlon – 200m. This swim distance will start further down the beach. At no stage should competitors in the beginners 200 meter distance be more than 2m from the shore

Cycle Route

The cycle will begin from the Whitshed Road side of the Burnaby Park along Whitshed Road turning left at St Vincents Road, before taking a right up Manor Avenue towards the Rugby Club.  The cyclist then turn left onto the Mill Road for 50m before entering onto the Charlesland Road, via the roundabout.  The route will continue through Charlesland, past Go-Gym, through the Kilcoole roundabout and onto the FarrankellyGreystones Southern Access Route. Cyclists will turn at the SM Morris roundabout near the N11 and return down through Charlesland. Cyclists will again turn at roundabout before the Mill Road roundabout and complete a 2nd lap back to the N11. Again turning at the SM Morris roundabout, cyclists will return back through Charlesland and turn right at the Mill Road roundabout, before turning left onto St Vincents Road and finally right onto Whitshed Road back to Burnaby Park. (Preparations are being made to facilitate the race to ensure the safety of the cyclists; however care must be taken and normal road rules will apply.)

Run Route

The run will start from Burnaby Park and onto the beachfront walkway. It will continue along the Coast Road towards the harbour around the harbour and in a new routing for 2017 will head out to each turret of the harbour then with a brief section on the north beach and back along the usual cliff walk route. The run will then turn and run past the fire station and turn left and run all the way back down the main street in Greystones, finishing in the park.

Race Stewards and Course Safety

There will be race stewards at all major turns and junctions to marshal vehicular traffic and assist competitors, however, it is advised that competitors visit the route before race day to familiarise themselves with the route. We would be happy to go through the route with people should they require it.  You must have a proper bicycle helmet for the cycle and abide by all the rules of the road. The roads will be open to other traffic so keep your eyes open.

Water Safety

The Coast Guard boat will be on duty along the race course and we will have safety kayaks in the water. There will be extra kayakers along the 200 meter beginners course and at no time should competitors in the 200 meter course be further than 2m from the shore. Exact start locations for the swim will be announced at the race briefing and will be pending tides on the morning.

Please click here for a Route Map from last year for Reference


King of Greystones Schedule 2016

To be confirmed